Bringing Beautiful, energy efficient LED Lighting to Northwest customers since 2007

Northwest LED Lighting was founded in 2007 with the goal of helping bring emerging LED lighting technology to the northwest. We began development of our PERFECT FIT Linear Lighting product line in 2010 and it has grown in product offerings ever since. We custom fabricate our PERFECT FIT fixtures in our shop in Mount Vernon and supply them to many of the top builders and electrical contractors in the northwest and across the USA

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Why Northwest LED Lighting?

Northwest LED Lighting is a locally owned company that strives to help its customers find customized lighting solutions for their particular situation. We know that one size does not fit all! Plus, since all we do is custom linear LED Lighting we can help you find just the right solution for your specific requirements.

Consider the example to the left.  We worked closely with the cabinet maker/ contractor on this project to  supply our Micro Recessed fixture LinF12-Rf to an exact fit (+/- 1/16″) with miter cut corners to create a continuous, seamless light along the full under cabinet run.

More reasons to partner with Northwest LED Lighting

  • Rapid custom fixture production (less than 1 week typically)
  • Large inventory of linear LED fixture components, drivers and supporting products stocked at our Mt. Vernon shop.
  • Prototype & Mock up samples available - just ask us!
  • Infinitely customizable output, finishes, sizes and configurations
  • Weekly deliveries to Seattle area customers via our company delivery van.
  • Shipping available anywhere in the U.S.
  • All fixture and components are UL or ETL certified to meet all U.S. code requirements.


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